interactive leadersInteractive

Interactive is a program designed to offer adults an opportunity to study the Bible and share in small groups. It runs between the main worship service and lunch every week and coincides with Kids Church, so adults have the chance to study the Bible uninterrupted. There are several different classes to cater for everyone. Classes include Just Jesus which provides an opportunity to learn who Jesus is, through to a group that focuses on exploring deeper the sermon of the day. There are also other classes unpacking a theme in the Bible or a chosen book in the Bible.

Big Idea Run by the speaker of the day, further unpacking the sermon and answering questions that may have been raised by it.

Discovery In an interactive way, be introduced to God and discover Him from fresh thought-provoking perspectives

Sabbath School Lesson The Seventh Day Adventist Sabbath School lesson brought to life

Just Jesus For those starting on the journey

Teens Bible study class for teenagers

1929 A new youth class for 19 to 29 year olds