ChappoWelcome to Central Coast Community Church

We would love to have you visit with us today. We meet every Saturday at the Oasis Centre, Hely Street, Wyong NSW, Australia.

The main program starts at 10am, where we all join together for praise and worship. At 11.15am the kids are treated to their own programs. C4 Kids (ages 4-12) have a fun filled program with Bible stories, craft, games and learning zones. C4 Minis (ages 0-3) go into a separate room with a parent or carer to have stories, games and songs more appropriate to their age. There is a play mat in the church especially for C4 Minis with puzzles and games, so their parents can listen to the service.

After church we have a short break with hot and cold drinks, then we have Interactive with a variety of classes such as The Big Idea, which is a discussion on the sermon with the pastor, Discovery, The SDA Sabbath School lesson, and Teens+ which caters for teens through to young adults.

After Interactive each week we have lunch. Everyone is invited to stay for lunch and you don't need to bring anything. A different lunch team each week organises the food and it is all paid for by the church.

Please stay and get to know us better over lunch. Sometimes there is an afternoon program either indoors or outdoors to which you would be most welcome to attend. We hope you enjoy your Sabbath with us.

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