C4 church

C4 churchWould you like to get involved?

One of the greatest gifts a person can give is to serve someone else. We have found that serving also helps the individual who is doing the serving to become more of the person God made them to be.

At CCCC, we encourage everyone to be involved in serving others. You don’t have to be a member. In fact, we have teams you can join from the first day you visit.

Another word for serving is ministry and the people who serve are really ministers. Ministry is not a job or a Saturday routine. It is a privilege! How amazing that Jesus invites us to serve with Him!

Come to CCCC and join one of our exciting ministry teams. Let’s do ministry together!

Talk to a member of our Leadership Team if you are interested in getting involved in a particular area and they can point you to the person who leads that ministry. 


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