ImNewSTORY3Padi O'Neill's Story

How does God teach us? How does He move in our lives? It is amazing how God sets up our lives so that we are able to teach the Gospel and Jesus's soon return.

Upon looking at my current job of Psychologist, I have asked myself: How did God lead me here? Although my previous marriage breakdown was damaging and hurtful, God had a lesson there. He showed me empathy for those who are guilty and the degradation they feel when their marriage fails. I now have so much sympathy for those partners that have been left behind. I have counseled people to look for the bright side out of that.

The bankruptcy that I went through in 2003 also contained lessons. I have learnt to say that we don’t deliberately lose money but desperate decisions contribute to the loss. I have counseled people not to be so hard on themselves and to start looking up and make the first step back. The tough wage structure I was given by the Bankruptcy Trustee was that I was only allowed to earn a maximum of $48,000. I took a job as a Truck Driver, Nicky worked at Sanitarium at night and we moved in for 1 year rent free with Marilyn Osti. I learnt to save, I learnt not to spend money everywhere. It was at that time we laid these golden rules; no credit, no credit cards, no car leases. We have never been wealthier. I am able to counsel people with that detail.

We decided to become foster parents under the government rather than volunteering at out church. The children that we were given have been damaged to the 3rd and 4th generation. We have learned the power of values. The last 6 commandments give those values to mankind. When we place these boundaries around foster children they thrive to become human beings their parents would be proud of. I am now able to counsel people about values in their life and how, by maintaining those values, they will feel better.

Finally I went through the tough school of University. I am not a Rhodes Scholar - I am just a committed hard worker that is resilient. I am able to teach young people about resilience, values and efficacy. All this wisdom my God has given me through my journey with Him. This is what I teach.

God planned this in the beginning.


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