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At Central Coast Community Church we value the time we spend with the children of our church in teaching them biblical truths and values in a creative and relevant way. Kids Church caters for four year olds up to children at the end of primary school. We love it when our kids worship with us during our Sabbath morning worship service, but often find that sermons contain language and content that is not relevant to where they are developmentally. To this end, we have created a program for them to learn the same topics as their parents, but at a more age-appropriate level.

Each week in Kids Church we bring the Bible alive through creatively sharing one of its stories with the children and worshipping God through meaningful music specifically designed for them. Then the children are grouped into peer aged groups which rotate around various zones designed for fun and active learning of the Bible story and how it applies to their lives. The activities we use in these zones are specially chosen for their ability to teach through fun, as play is learning for children, and we want all children to be engaged, despite their level of reading and writing skills.

We encourage a culture of service within our kids church by having them participate as much as possible in the running of the program. Children also have an opportunity at the age of ten and beyond to serve as junior staff.

This ministry is staffed by over 30 committed volunteers who are parents, adults within our church and many youth from our church who have undertaken the Working With Children Check. Building relationships with the youth and adults in our church community who are using their gifts is another benefit of the time we spend together. We also work to ensure a safe learning environment for our children by ensuring that staff are easily identifiable by their staff t-shirts and are all respectful of safe place practices when dealing with your children.

We currently use the 252 Basics Curriculum by Reggie Joiner and his organisation, the author of the groundbreaking Children’s Ministry book Think Orange. It teaches children that they need to make wise choices, they can trust God no matter what, they should treat others the way they want to be treated, and how to grow in a relationship with Jesus. It also has fabulous resources available to parents to extend their children’s learning during the coming week, found at www.studio252.tv, as when parents and children’s ministry partner together to teach the same principles at the same time, this can have much greater impact on the children. We ask that first time guests please bring their children up to Kids Church to register them.c4 kids logo

Leaders: Ari Dowden & Missy Coafield

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