Church Management


Plant Management 

Our Plant Management ministry has the privilege of helping to create an inviting and pleasant environment in which to worship. Our Church meets in a rented facility and every week, enthusiastic and willing members from our team, set up our Church for worship, then pack it up afterwards. If you are a person who would like to join this team, please contact Fiona Epps.



Giving your tithes and offerings couldn’t be easier with eGIVING! You can set up one of our regular payments, select tithe, allocate weekly church offerings or CCCC local ministries. Your treasurer loves eGiving because your transaction is allocated, receipted and emailed directly to you, meaning less manual work. If you’re not using eGiving get on board and give it a go at  Read more


The Leadership Team

Church members are given the opportunity to decide who will serve on the Leadership Team. As leaders of the church, they are expected to follow a lifestyle in keeping with God's word. After a healthy discussion it was agreed that rather than focus on the "right gender" or "right age" .... or "right whatever" - it would be more important to select the "right person". We are blessed at CCCC to have many people who can adequately fill these roles. Read more


Church Clerk

I monitor our membership from week to week, transfers (both in and out), as well as being aware of everyone who walks through our doors. If you sit in a chair during Sabbath worship, I'm the one who makes a note that you've come, and how we can best serve you. But it's not just about numbers - I'm on the front line in working with our senior pastor to continue to grow our church and contribute in making decisions about the direction of our ministries, and how we can serve God in the best way that we can.