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C4 Minis

C4 Kids Minis is a vibrant program designed for children from newborn to age 3. They sing, move and create as they learn about the stories in the Bible. Jesus is taught to these young hearts as they learn how much He loves them.

C4 Kids

Our Kids Church caters for four year olds up to children at the end of primary school. Each week in Kids Church we bring the Bible alive through creatively sharing one of its stories with the children. Then the children are grouped into peer aged groups which rotate around various zones designed for fun and active learning of the Bible story and how it applies to their lives. The activities we use in these zones are specially chosen for their ability to teach through fun, as we want all children to be engaged despite their level of reading and writing skills. Read more


As part of Central Coast Community Church, our mission is to make disciples of the youth. Our aim is to train and equip the youth to be street smart. On Saturday mornings during Interactive we focus on Biblical character building, discussing different characters in the Bible and Real Talk society topics. During the week there are a number of small groups for in-depth discussions and creating accountability with each other. Friday nights we have a Bible based discussion, guest speakers, amazing food and games. We run social events every 2-3 months for fun and to help build relationships. Read more


Interactive is a program designed to offer all adults an opportunity to study the Bible and share in small groups. It runs between the main worship service and lunch every week and coincides with Kids Church so adults have the chance to study the Bible uninterrupted. There are several different classes to cater for everyone. Some of the classes include Just Jesus which provides an opportunity to learn who Jesus is, through to a group that focuses on exploring deeper the sermon of the day. There are also other classes unpacking a theme in the Bible or a chosen book in the Bible.