Pathfinders is an outdoor activity club operated locally but linked internationally for boys and girls aged 10 to 16. Camping, hiking, abseiling, kayaking, and biking are just some of the activities that Pathfinders do. During these activities the kids learn skills in navigation, knots, camp craft, cooking, survival, first aid, team building, and many many more. Experiencing Christ through faith and trust is the result, oh and lots of fun too.

Leader: Donna Mallon


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Pathfinder dates for 2016
January 30: Pathfinder Registration
February 19-21: PLA Training at Yarra
April 1-3: Camp
April 30: Camp or Skill Builder
May 20-22: Pre-Expedition Camp
June 10-13: Expedition
June 25: Skill Builder
July 16: Skill Builder
August 26: Ski Camp
September 10: Camp or Skill Builder
October 15: Camp or Skill Builder
November 12: Camp or Skill Builder
November 19: Investiture

See Donna for more details and information

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