worshipWorship Ministry

The Worship Ministries are designed to bring our church family to glorify, honour, praise, exalt, and please God. Everything that happens in our Sabbath morning program is designed around our purpose of Changing and Growing Lives with Jesus Christ. We believe that true worship is not just singing songs of praise and worship to our God; it is also seeing His Word impact us through drama, art, dance, video and all other creative means.

Worship is also giving back to God through our tithe and offerings. Giving is an essential part of worship because it reminds us who our resources really belong to, and how much we are blessed to be able to have these resources in the first place.

We want our worship to bring people to a place where they can meet and experience Jesus where they are at, so he can change and grow them and move them forward.

Involved in our Worship Ministries are: Praise and Worship, Video Ministry, Multi Media Ministry (Sound and Screen Presentation), Creative Ministry and Production Ministry.

Leader: Scott Borreson

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