As part of Central Coast Community Church, our mission is to make disciples of the youth. Our aim is to train and equip the youth to be street smart.

A place for deep discussions and creating accountability with each other. Strengthening character by building relationships and growing self-worth.

Bible-based discussion, community building, guest speakers, amazing food and games.

We have two Interactive groups: the first is a Biblical character building group. We discuss different characters in the Bible, asking the questions: Who are they? Why were they chosen? How can they relate to us? How do we apply this to our own character?

Our second is ‘Real Talk.’ In it we discuss current events that are relevant to our youth. We ask the questions: What makes us interested in this issue? How does it affect us? What are our fears? How can we best shine the light of Christ when dealing with the nuances and grey areas of these issues?

We're all about building relationships with the youth, running different social events every 2-3 months. Eg: movie and games nights, dinners, basketball/soccer, water slides, trampolining etc.

Leader: Grant Faatoia

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