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Our C4 "Footprints" club consisted of 15 people, and during Camporee the 8 members from the Taupo club (NZ) joined up with them. Leader Kev Price said, "The highlight for me was seeing our kids really getting involved in all the activities. You could tell they put their all into it. Another highlight was meeting the overseas clubs. Hayley is now Facebook friends with a pathfinder in PNG."

According to Donna Mallon our kids really did us proud. Team cook, Kathy Altona agreed saying "We have the best bunch of kids, I was so proud of them". Sounds like the feeling was reciprocal, as everyone loved Kathy's cooking, especially the NZ visitors who gave Kathy a lovely neck pendant as a thank you gift.

"Camporee was an incredible experience for all 8500 pathfinders. It was amazing to interact with the pathfinders from PNG, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Samoa and all of Australia participating in ridiculously fun activities. Each night, we would all have an evening program which was a really good time to listen to the wise words of Pr Eddie Hypolite. The favourite activities of most pathfinders were the ones we came back to the campsite completely covered in mud or completely covered in colour. It was an absolutely phenomenal week for everyone that attended Camporee 2015."  —Hayley Price, Footprints Pathfinder Club

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"The 2015 iThirst South-Pacific Pathfinder Camporee was exquisite, as in, every moment was accompanied with something indescribable that now remains as unforgettable memories. Hot breakfasts every morning, followed by games of volleyball with our new Fijian friends. In the evenings the main field of the showground was filled with 8000+ pathfinders singing and dancing to,"there's no one, there's no one like Jesus" under Toowoomba's star filled sky and followed by the week's speaker, Eddie Hypolite sharing stories including a time that he was dragged by a bus, with one hand holding onto the back of it and the other with a bucket of KFC chicken. A way to describe the vigorous drama is the that on the last night Jesus was 10 feet in the air, representing Him returning to heaven. We undertook a different activity every morning and afternoon which were colourful, wet and muddy. We would then recruit to our buckets to wash our hair in and shower dances of our only option of cleanliness, where our whole subgroup would dance under a hose held by Jeff Parker who was on the back of a water tanker. As the entire grounds had run out of water and we truly learn't how to "iThirst" (a horrible joke referenced to many times). These were only a few happenings from the incredible week of good music, good vibes, good place, good people, good times and one good God." —Shirelle Altona, Central Coast Pathfinder Club

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