4WD Club

In 2011 the C4x4 club was officially started. Although in 2009 the men of C4 who had 4x4’s were going out, nothing was done that involved the church. In 2011 C4x4 went out to the Watagans and to Stockton beach. This was the start of many other ministries such as C4Cycling, C4Carts and C4Fishing.

The primary reason for this ministry is relationship through motoring passion. All are welcome to join, church and unchurched as well as women and children. Every time we go out we usually have folk from other congregations but the most pleasant is the many unchurched people who join us for the fun. We have stayed overnight on beaches and we have visited peoples houses to end the day. We have been involved in a rescue mission where we have been involved in pulling people out of ruts. On one occasion the person had been stuck for over an hour and we spent over 2 hours planning and executing their release.

Another part of the ministry is to welcome and encourage those men who feel they cannot attend church on a regular basis. To have these people who sometimes feel they are not welcome, enjoy our company shows the love of Christ.