cambodia trip

Cambodia Trip 2015-2016

cambodia trip 2014The 2015 team of volunteers will meet in Phnom Penh on Monday December 28th. The first stop will be a visit to the Killing Fields to gain an understanding of the Cambodian heritage. It’s vital to appreciate the atrocities afflicted on this beautiful culture only a few decades ago. Our team will visit organisations which offer a leg up, rather than a hand out. Projects such as teaching street kids or women in the sex industry a skill to be able to get a job.

Most of our time will be in the village of Chom Trou, half way between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, where we have served the local community over the past 3 years. Each team member is required to raise $1,000 to assist Restore One in their many projects, and it is teams such as ours which have funded the building of a new school here, complete with trained local teachers - developed with the appreciation by the Cambodian Government - because it is education which can help break the cycle of poverty.

Our team will build a house or two for the most needy families, chosen by the village Chief. We will attend schools to teach children about hygiene, how to wash hands and clean teeth. Basic health principles which we take for granted. We will run kids clubs and women’s health programs - all under the guidance of the Restore One team who have been working alongside the Cambodian people for many years.

Research has shown that mission trips like this have a profound affect on instilling values into our youth. Our Cambodian project, also known as C4 JUMP (Jesus Understands My Potential) not only benefits the recipients of Chom Trou but has been a life changing experience for the volunteers.

Previous Trips

Since 2012, CCCC has been sending an Outreach Team to the small Cambodian village of Chom Trou. Our teams partner with Restore One and spend 2 weeks building houses for the poor, teaching hygiene classes at schools, running kids clubs at schools and HIV villages, and tending to the sick in hospitals. Teams can vary in size from 12 to 45 team members.

The DNA of the Central Coast Community Church is about taking Jesus to the local community. To reach the unchurched, or those who have been burnt by “religion”. The CCCC Mission Statement - “Changing & growing lives with Jesus Christ” - our mandate that when we allow God into our lives, He can use us in powerful ways.The idea of serving in a developing country began in 2012. After prayerful consideration and many discussions, Cambodia became the destination of choice.

This trip was my first trip overseas and it was a real eye opener to see other cultures and how other people live. We encountered people that were poor and whose only aim in life was to survive… We are super lucky living in Australia. and we take so much for granted. Just the fact that when we speak, we can understand each other is awesome. Before going on this trip, I would often sympathise about the poverty that I would hear about on the news or Youtube, but it always seemed to linger. Poverty was OVER THERE, all that struggling was far away. I knew I could do things like donate money, to 'HELP STOP POVERTY' and all that but I think for me, seeing is believing. In Cambodia, I definately saw it and I realised that this money was going somewhere. It was being converted into "loving on" the communities of Cambodia. One of the nights in Cambodia, we slept in one of the poorest villages, right near where we built a house for one of the families. In one of the houses in this village, there was an Operation Christmas Child Box, and this really showed me that all the money, work and organisation at home really does help families who need it. After donating something at home, you never see it again, and you would never know of it's impact, but after seeing what it can do, I can now donate without a doubt and trust that God will do something amazing with what we give.” (Braeden, age 16).